Arcola Theatre – 2018

“To choose is to commit, and to commit is to be free.”

Berlin. Eleven past eleven. Art teacher Melissa is about to do something drastic.

Seeking a place to hide, her ex-pupil Mehdi interrupts her momentum. Both embark on a turbulent journey, painting and battling their way through the past.This explosive new play about self-destruction and rebirth attempts to understand the fear currently gripping the European psyche, and the threats that may be posed by our own alienated youth.

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‘Guaranteed to make you feel… a wondrous cast’ IThankYouTheatre



CAST: Sarah Alles, Ali Azar, Moe Bar-El 

Writer | Marion Bott

Director | Zois Pigadas

Designer | Sophia Simensky

Lighting and Sound Design | Tim Boyd

General Manager | Kosky Productions

Stage Manager | Venus Raven

Rehearsal Photographer | Meurig Marshall

Trailer Cinematographer | Anika Wagner 

Artwork | Demien Deroubaix 

Produced by Alchemist Theatre and Fine Line 

Moormaid was supported by Arts Council England, Unity Theatre Trust and Arcola Theatre.