Out of the Cage

Park Theatre – 2015

★★★★ The Stage

An inspiring story about women’s struggle for equality’ 

Inspired by the munition women of Silvertown, London during the First World War, OUT OF THE CAGE tells the story of women’s courage, dignity and hope, fired in the crucible of war.

“We ain’t goin’ back, we’re movin’ on
We’re pullin’ the plug
These roarin’ machines’ll grind to a halt
We’re standin’ by our lathes
We’re makin’ our demands
Equal rights. Equal pay”

Early spring 1916, before the slaughter of the Somme, munitionettes all over London met in secret to decide the fate of thousands of fellow co-workers. Their choice was simple: stand up to the belligerent attitude of male workers and an intractable government or forever be seen as second-class citizens of the Empire.

Were they dangerous and disruptive elements undermining their country at a time of war, or inspiring visionaries of a better world prepared to fight for a fairer future?

★★★★ ‘The tension is palpable and utterly encapsulating’ WhatsOnStage 

★★★★ ‘Youll hang onto every word they speak’ Broadway Baby

★★★★ ‘Must see theatre… Funny, emotional and moving’ London Theatre1

‘Packs an emotional punch’ Time Out




Alex McSweeney | Writer and Director

James Perkins | Designer

Gary Bowman | Lighting designer

John Chambers | Composer and Sound Designer

Simon Pittman | Movement Director

Robyn Keynes | Associate Producer

CAST: Heather Bleasdale, Milly Finch, Lindsay Fraser, Tegen Hitchens, Emily Houghton, Sarah Madigan, Jill McAusland, Katherine Tozer.

Out Of The Cage was supported by Arts Council England, Stage One and Legasee.